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Please read what our patients have said about their experience at Hatboro Family Wellness.

"I had a comfortable delivery and FAST drug-free birth thanks to Dr. Tara and the care she provided throughout my pregnancy." -Karen

"My sinuses!! I cannot believe how much better they are since being under chiropractic care!  Since starting Chiropractic care at Hatboro Family Wellness I sleep better, have fewer headaches, and experience less lower back pain associated with menstruation. I feel that starting and continuing care with Dr. Tara has been one of the best decisions I have made to improve my health." -Christine

"I am a worrier by nature and have a hard time not being stressed. After an adjustment I always feel a release of that stress. I always look forward to my appointments as I know that Dr. Tara cares about my whole well-being, not just my spinal alignment. I always leave feeling better than when I came."  -Vicki

“Grayson started care when he was one month old.  He was having problems nursing, had a head tilt and was gassy and sometimes constipated.  After a few weeks of care he is latching onto the breast and feeding much better.  He has more regular bowel movements and sleeping better. Grayson just seems more content overall.”  – Christen (Grayson’s mother)


"Dr. Tara is such a passionate doctor.  She is always looking out for my family's best interest.  She is a genuine, caring , lovely soul.  I am glad to all Dr. Tara my friend and Doctor."  -Marci

Gia.JPG"Gia's overall immune system has improved since getting adjusted regularly.  She has shorter illnesses (colds, etc)  and less frequent illnesses. Scoliosis gone! No hives or headaches!

"Gia has better eating habits  and also a  better appetite and improved sleep.   As a result, growth spurts galore!  Gia's has improved in the following:  pain, energy and digestion / elimination.  Also she can now walk and run for more extended lengths of time and distance. 

"Chiropractic should be an essential component of everyone's life (beginning at birth).  We love the warm, friendly environment.  Dr. Tara and her staff are professional, helpful and just all around caring."  Daniella (Gia's mother)

"Chiropractic works!!  Thank you Dr. Tara!!  You helped us!!    Matthew hasn't had an ear infection since he started chiropractic care 12 months ago!!  He used to get sick once a month, and it would always turn into an ear infection.  We were used to having only one good  week each month where Matthew wasn't sick.  This winter he has only had a few colds, but they have not lasted more than a few days.  I am thrilled because now he DOESN'T NEED TO HAVE SURGERY TO GET TUBES in his ears!! "  - Matthew's mother

"I came to Dr. Tara because of severe hip/buttock pain during pregnancy. I couldn't walk, do the stairs, or drive because of my pain. I had so much pain before I began chiropractic care that I couldn't even get on and off the toilet!!  If I was still working as a nurse I would have been out on disability because the severe pain. I was just hoping for a little improvement in my pain and less reliance on Tylenol. I was pleasantly surprised that after my first adjustment, I was completely pain-free and continued to be pain-free for the remainder of my pregnancy with regular adjustments. I had a fast and relatively easy labor and delivery, and I believe it was due to receiving regular adjustments. I definitely recommend chiropractic during pregnancy. I will definitely be under chiropractic care throughout pregnancy if I have more children."  -Rory

"During my pTravis_Wood_1.JPGregnancy, chiropractic care completely relieved my sinus pain and reduced my pregnancy pains.  What surprised me was the ease of childbirth

Every pregnant woman should give chiropractic a try.   Stick with your frequent adjustments in the beginning. 

I usually suffer from frequent colds, but with post-partum chiropractic care I went 7 months without an illness.   That makes taking care of my children easier.   My posture has greatly improved and I look taller because I am straightened out.  With chiropractic care I have noticed less pain, increased energy, less headaches, better movement and flexibility, overall aches and pains, improved hope,  and a better outlook on life. 

I feel so great when I leave and can't wait until my next appointment.  You gain information on all aspects of life for better living by visiting Dr. Tara."  -Shannon

"Dr. Tara cares deeply about her patients. I trust her to care for me and my daughter who has been seeing her since she was a newborn."  -Vicki

Stephani_Grubb.JPG"Adjustments by Dr. Tara are gentle."   -Stephanie

Harmony’s Story…"Harmony has been under Chiropractic Care since she was 1 month old.  One concern weHarmony_Brehm_2.jpg had prior to her beginning care was her lack of eye contact and difficulty nursingWith Chiropractic she quickly developed strong/deep gazes as well as better nursing.  Harmony decided when she was ready to discontinue the use of a breast shield and we haven’t gone back since!  We are thrilled at her progress."  -Christy and Will

"Since starting Chiropractic care my overall pain level has improved. Julie_whittemore__3_.jpg

"While training for the marathon, the adjustments really helped in recovery between long runs. My posture has improved, and I recover from colds more quickly. Chiropractic care has improved my energy and immune system."  -Julie

"Dr. Tara has also been caring for my children since they were 7 and 11 years old.  My children have fewer illnesses due to regular chiropractic care. We usually only go to the doctor for well checks. My children do not need to get flu shots due to their healthy immune systems. Dr. Tara has also helped our family with overall wellness. My youngest son has ADHD. I have regular chiropractic care and changes in our diet to thank for his ability to focus better."

"Dr. Tara is not only professional but she also cares about my family and has helped us live a better lifestyle that includes regular chiropractic care and wellness." -Jess

"My one month old daughter has less crying and fussiness since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Tara."  -Lauren

On Wednesday Julie, suffering from a stomach bug/flu said:

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are a miracle worker. Within an hour of my adjustment, my appetite returned, and I had enough energy to get in a light workout.....after 4 days without coffee, and a diet of only white foods, this was a most welcome change. You are the best! I only wish I had the energy to get there on Monday instead."

"I had suffered for a long time with neck and back pain, and had tried many different resources for pain relief, but none seemed to give me lasting relief. Then one day someone recommended Dr. Tara. I have never had any relief until I saw her. She has made my life so much better, I can sleep through the night without waking up with pain. I can play with my children and not have to sit on the side lines anymore. She has made a drastic difference in my life. She is not only caring but professional and courteous." -Winnie Winni Long 2_1.jpg

"I first went to see Dr. Tara since I had severe neck pain and couldn't move my neck. I found that chiropractic care gave me neck pain relief and much more. I notice increased energy and improved sleep quality, as well as reduced aches and pains since beginning care. I feel better in that I am able to sleep better and move more. Being under chiropractic care has allowed me to take up Zumba and Yoga classes, I can now bend over without having a back spasm, I can move my neck, and I can comfortably sleep on my back. Chiropractic care has been helpful in making me a happier person because of my pain relief. I would like to thank Dr. Tara for all the useful information she has provided to me and the inspiration and desire to make dramatic changes in my life to benefit my health." -Tarah

"Our daughter often complained of growing pains, but after being under chiropractic care she hardly complains anymore."  -Adam

"We brought our one year old son in to see Dr. Tara for help with his lack of appetite and constipation. After our son's first chiropractic treatment he almost instantaneously started going to the bathroom. Soon after that his appetite improved he was able to eat more including new foods that he would never eat previously. We have been able to reduce both of his medications (one for constipation and the other to increase his appetite). Also, he has always been afraid to go to doctors and even is afraid to get weighed by his nutritionist; however, he has never been afraid to get adjusted by Dr. Tara!"  -Michelle

"I had struggled with back and neck pain for several years. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. I had not found any relief for either the back and neck pain or the pain in my wrist. It was recommended that I receive regular adjustments for my back and neck. These adjustments also help my wrist due to the misalignment of my neck adding to the pain in my wrist. With adjustments from Dr. Tara I have been getting consistent relief from the pain in my back, neck, and wrist.”  -Jessica

"Our son has social challenges and behavior problems. After chiropractic care we have noticed improvements in his behavior."  -Anna

Dr. Tara Buchakjian  

Specialized Pediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic Care