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What to Expect


Free Phone Consultation


Start with a FREE 15-minute phone call with Dr. Tara to ask questions and determine if we are the right office for your needs. If you wish to continue beyond the question and answer call, then we can set-up your initial consultation and examination visit at the end of your call.


Call and Schedule your appointment


Call the office (215) 444-0441 to schedule your first appointment. This first appointment takes 60 minutes, plus time for check-in and checkout.  We schedule these appointments on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. The first visit fee is $160 for your consultation and thorough physical examination, which are explained below.


We are open by appointment only and do not take walk-ins.

Is chiropractic right for me?


People come to our office for help with a variety of concerns and health challenges so chances are good that we’ve helped someone just like you!!  (Read real stories on our testimonial page). 


It is important to understand that the goal of chiropractic treatment is to normalize structural problems in the spine which then removes the resultant spinal nerve stress.  In other words, our treatments improve health, healing and normal function through removing spinal nerve stress, also known as the vertebral subluxation complex.


Therefore, we don’t treat symptoms, but treat the spinal structural problems that often are the cause of symptoms!!  We restore normal spinal movement and function which helps the body work better, naturally.




After you schedule your appointment, check your email for a link to our online paperwork.  Please allow 20-30 minutes to thoroughly complete your health history and additional office forms.  Please complete your forms at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time and Dr. Tara will review it to determine if and how she can best help you.


Consultation and Examination


Your 30 minute consultation allows Dr. Tara to get to know you better, discuss your concerns, and discuss your desired goals from chiropractic care.


On this appointment, Dr. Tara will meet on-on-one with you to learn more about you and your concerns.  She will ask additional questions regarding the current issues to clarify the problem and determine whether chiropractic care in our office is a good fit for your situation.  She may ask additional questions related to your nutrition, supplements, exercise habits and even hobbies, all of which impact your health and the adaptive abilities of your body.

Following your consultation, if Dr. Tara determines that she can help you and accepts you as a patient, then she will suggest moving on with your examination.


Your very thorough chiropractic examination usually takes 30 minutes and it includes a posture check, movement assessment,

neurologic evaluation, and nerve and muscle assessment which helps Dr. Tara understand your health challenge(s) and create your unique care recommendations.  The fee for this visit is $160, which includes your consultation, physical examination, and scans (see below).

Specialized Nerve and Muscle Assessment


Specialized scans can detect nerve interference early and potentially before nerve stress becomes problematic. Schedule your scan today!

This safe, non-invasive scan provides a visual measurement of how well the nervous system is functioning to better determine the health and function of your nervous and muscular systems.  There are two components to the scan:   

 Thermal Scan 

The Thermal scan uses infrared cameras that measure the nerve signal controlling and coordinating the organs through temperature readings. 


If this signal is interfered with, there will be a gradual deterioration of function of the organ or muscle where the nerve is travelling. 

Chiropractic care address the cause of tissue inflammation and stress, removes it and as a result improves function in the body. 


The SEMG (Surface Electromyography) shows the body’ 

response to spinal misalignments (aka subluxations) by 

measuring the muscle signal that you have adopted over the years. 


Chiropractic care, through adjustments of the spine, removes nervous system stress and therefore these patterns will change. 


Scans allow us to objectively chart your progress and demonstrate that your body is improving through the elimination of nerve interference.


Report of Findings


During your second visit, Dr. Tara will share whether or not she can help you and review what she discovered about your health based on your consultation, exam findings and scan results.  From there, she will provide your care recommendations based on your goals in order to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.  During this time she will also share ways in which you can save money on your care. 


You are welcome to bring your spouse/significant/friend other with you so that they can hear what Dr. Tara reports concerning your health.  For children, we welcome both parents to this appointment. That way they may ask questions if they so desire. If both parents are not available, Dr. Tara is happy to schedule a phone call with the absent parent if they desire to discuss her findings.

Plan to spend 30-45 minutes at our office during this visit. All other visits last about 8-15 minutes.


If you are accepted as a patient and desire to begin care in our office, your first treatment (also called adjustment) will take place after your report.

The Adjustment


At subsequent appointments you will be checked for Vertebral Subluxations and if present, you’ll get adjusted.  Adjustments are effective in a relatively short amount of time.  It usually only takes 7-15 minutes to get adjusted and varies depending on the needs and age of the patient.  Chiropractic visits are very effective in helping you maintain the health of your spine and nervous system.   


Dr. Tara strives to help you understand the AMAZING healing power of your body which greatly improves your health results. For those that wish to continually improve their health, Dr. Tara shares pertinent health improvement information as she deems appropriate or whenever you ask questions.


She will discuss your changing health goals and desires during periodic re-examination appointments. 


Insurance and Paying for Your Chiropractic Care



We are an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies and plans.  Your insurance plan may cover a portion or all of your chiropractic care in our office if you have one that offers out-of-network benefits. 


  • Why are we out-of-network?  We have found that participating with insurance companies restricted us from providing the best, most individualized service and personalized care.  We found that we were not willing to compromise on providing outstanding care by the restrictions set forth by the insurance companies.  It became a distraction which took Dr. Tara’s focus away from being able to provide the best care for her patients.


  • A note about insurance: We understand that if you have insurance, you probably pay a pretty penny for it and you want to use it!  Unfortunately, we have found that co-pays and deductibles are going up.  Chiropractic coverage is also often being reduced to only a few visits or eliminated all together!  If you decided to go to an in-network office, you would be responsible for your “specialty co-pay.”  We are noticing that specialty co-pays are often exceeding our fee of $60 for an adjustment.


Since there are so many plans and coverage varies widely, we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to verify your benefits.  To make it easier for you to inquire about your benefit please print the Insurance Verification Form which outlines all the questions to ask your insurance company. 

If you have determined that your insurance will cover your care in our office, we will supply you with statements of payment that include diagnosis and CPT codes for you to get reimbursed. We will give you statements at your request.  When you send in your statements, and any paperwork required by your insurance carrier, your insurance company will reimburse you directly. We do not offer to provide a “letter of medical necessity.” 


The insurance company is responsible to you, as the subscriber who pays for the service, not to us, the provider. 


Insurance is a contract between the insured (patient) and the insurance company irrespective of you specific needs or care recommendations.  Insurance companies, such as HMO's, PPO's and others, create their own guidelines and are not required to cover chiropractic services. If chiropractic services are covered, the amount and type of reimbursement varies according to the policy that has been purchased by you or your employer.  Utilize the Insurance Verification Form when you inquire about your coverage. 


We do not offer to bill the insurance company on your behalf, but we are happy to offer assistance along the way.



Paying for your Chiropractic Care


We have found that with the rising cost of deductibles and limited coverage of chiropractic care, our practice members typically save money by choosing to pay "out of pocket" and not use their insurance.  For that reason we offer discounted packages and family plans which allow you to receive necessary care at a savings.  Our practice members are often surprised how effective and affordable it is. We can share with you detailed care recommendations and ways to save money at your second visit.  


Take advantage of a FREE 15 minute phone call with Dr Tara to get your questions answered before you commit to an appointment.   Call us at (215) 444-0441 or click the "Book an Appointment" button to advantage of this offer.




Chiropractic is FSA and HSA qualified


Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) are a great way to use your money exactly as you choose.  Health expenses including chiropractic care are typically eligible for reimbursement from your flex spending account or health savings account.  Insurance carriers usually do not cover preventative or wellness chiropractic care, but you can use FSA and HSA accounts for these services.




Family Plans and Packages


Most of our patients take advantage of our family plans and packages.  This is where we offer a bundle of visits at a discount from the per visit fee.  We can discuss the details of our plans once we have determined how much care you want or need in order to meet your health goals.  This takes place on your second visit in our office.  In an effort to make living the wellness lifestyle as easy and affordable option, we offer specifically customized individual and family plans with flexible payment options.


We make appointments easy for families so you all can get adjusted together.  Our focus at Hatboro Family Wellness is to provide chiropractic care for you and your family as well as support and guide you in making healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family.