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Pricing, Insurance & Answers to Common Questions

Do you take Insurance?


The short answer is NO.  We are an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies and plans, but, your insurance plan may cover a portion or all of your chiropractic care in our office if you have one that offers out-of-network benefits.  We do not send bills to the insurance company, but will provide a receipt for you to submit and may be able to assist you with the process. 

Why are we out-of-network?  We have found that participating with insurance companies restricted us from providing the best, most individualized service and personalized care.  We are not willing to compromise outstanding care by having to comply with the restrictions set forth by the insurance companies.  No longer accepting insurance allows us to focus to solely be focused on providing the best care for our patients.

Will my Insurance company reimburse me?


Since there are so many plans and coverage varies widely, we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to verify your benefits.  To make it easier for you to inquire about your benefit please print the Insurance Verification Form which outlines all the questions to ask your insurance company. 

At your request we will supply you with statements of payment that include diagnosis and CPT codes, and your insurance company would reimburse you directly.  Insurance is a contract between the insured (patient) and the insurance company irrespective of your specific needs or care recommendations. Insurance companies, such as HMO's, PPO's and others, create their own guidelines and are not required to cover chiropractic services.


Can I use my FSA or HSA for chiropractic care?

YES!!  Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) are a great way to use your money exactly as you choose.  Health expenses including chiropractic care are typically eligible for reimbursement from your flex spending account or health savings account.  Insurance carriers usually do not cover preventative or wellness chiropractic care, but you can use FSA and HSA accounts for these services.

What are your fees?


Day 1: The first visit fee is $195, which includes your consultation, complete physical examination, and scans and takes 60 minutes.


Day 2 and beyond: The explanation of your findings (Report of Findings) on your second visit is free and takes 30 minutes.


Adjustments are $65 as take approximately 10 minutes.


Periodic Re-examinations are $95 and take 30 minutes.

What payment types are accepted?


We accept cash or credit card.

Can chiropractic help me (or my child)?


We treat the structural and energetic imbalances that are often the cause of symptoms!!  We don’t treat your symptoms or diagnosis.  The goal of our treatment is to normalize spinal structural problems and energetic blocks which enhances the health of your body. We restore movement, energy and function which helps the body work better, naturally.  That's why Dr. Tara is a sought after chiropractor, healer and educator.  

People come to our office for help with a variety of concerns and health challenges so chances are good that we’ve helped someone just like you!!  Check out our testimonial page!

What can I expect on my first visit?  


Dr. Tara meets with you one-on-one for 60 minutes to get to know you (or your child) and learn more about your concerns.  She will ask questions regarding the current issues to clarify the problem and determine whether chiropractic care in our office is a good fit for your situation.  She may ask additional questions related to your nutrition, supplements, exercise habits and even hobbies, all of which impact your health and the adaptive abilities of your body.  Then, Dr. Tara completes her physical and neurologic assessment to determine your unique health challenges and how she can best help. 


What happens during my second visit?

On your second visit Dr. Tara will share and explain your examination findings as well as answer your questions.  Then she will share your care plan, what you can expect with your care, and offer your first adjustment should you wish to begin treatment. 


Plan to spend 45 minutes at our office during this visit.


You are welcome to bring your spouse/significant/friend other with you so that they can hear what Dr. Tara reports concerning your health.  For children, we welcome both parents to this appointment. That way they may ask questions if they so desire. If both parents are not available, Dr. Tara is happy to schedule a phone call with the absent parent if they desire to discuss her findings.

Do you adjust on the first visit?


Not usually.  Dr. Tara prefers that you have a thorough understanding of her offerings prior to caring for you.  Also, she may need time to review your findings to offer you the best approach to care.  During your second visit, you will need to decide if you want to get started with the care that Dr. Tara offers. She will provide your care recommendations based on your health issues and goals in order to give you the best results.  If you decide that you want to proceed with care, you will get adjusted on your second visit to our office.  An exception to this is pregnancy, where you are more likely to be offered an adjustment on your first visit.

What's an Adjustment?


At subsequent appointments you are checked for Vertebral Subluxations, physical asymmetries and energy imbalances.  When present, you’ll get treated or adjusted.  Adjustments usually take about 15 minutes.  The care provided by Dr Tara is very effective in helping you maintain the health of your spine and nervous system and improving your overall health.  Dr. Tara regularly shares pertinent health information as it applies to your needs or whenever you ask.

How often will I need to come? 

There are many factors that help Dr. Tara determine the best care plan for you or your child.  It is not uncommon to need to be checked twice or even three times a week initially. Dr. Tara bases her care recommendations on your unique findings as well as your health goals and desires that you discuss on the first visit.  Periodic re-examinations help us determine future need and frequency of care based on your health goals.  After your health goals are met, Dr Tara may recommend a plan to protect your investment and help you to stay healthy in the long run. This can be as infrequent as once-a-month, or whatever your body needs.


The goal is to get your body working better as fast as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits of a well functioning body quickly.  We offer healing and true health using a natural, drug-free approach.   If that's not what you seek, then we are not the right office for you.  

How do you safely adjust an infant or child?

Rest assured that Dr. Tara has the most advanced chiropractic degree available in the care of pediatrics through the ICPA combined with almost 20 years of clinical experience.  All chiropractors can take care of children, but not all chiropractors have specific, advanced training to do so.  The adjustment for an infant or child is drastically differently than one for an adult.  Special consideration to the age and size of the patient is used to determine the safest and most effective approach. 


Although no treatment is completely without any risk, chiropractic care is extremely safe.  Check out our pediatrics page for more information.

How do you adjust me while I'm pregnant? 

Mothers rave about how much they enjoy their "tummy time." We have special pillows so that you can safely and comfortably lay on your tummy.  Check out our pregnancy page for info on the Webster Technique and pregnancy care. 



Still have questions?  Set up a Free Phone Consultation


Schedule a FREE 15-minute phone call with Dr. Tara to ask questions and determine if we are the right office for your needs. If you wish to continue beyond the question and answer call, then we can set-up your initial consultation and examination visit at the end of your call.

Ready to make an appointment? 


Schedule online. Once you're scheduled, be on the lookout for a link to your online paperwork.  Please allow plenty of time to thoroughly complete your health history and additional office forms in the comfort of your home no later than the day prior to your appointment.

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