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While it may seem that chiropractic treats conditions, that it a misconception! 


The main goal of chiropractic is to restore normal brain-body communication.  With proper communication (nerve flow), the body can begin to heal and function more normally and your child can attain better health naturally. 


Read the stories of how so many children's lives have improved and how their families have benefited from chiropractic care. 


So often children get way more than just relief of a symptom, but have a greater quality of life in many ways!


You can have comfortable pregnancy and safe birth!  Chiropractic care during pregnancy has so many benefits for mother and baby.


The main goal of chiropractic is to restore normal brain-body communication.  With proper communication (nerve flow), the body can begin to heal and function more normally so you and your growing baby can attain better health naturally. 


Read the stories of how so many women and babies benefited from chiropractic care. 


Pregnant mothers very often get pain relief and a better birth outcome.  

Child Testimonials

Chiropractic Care for Children

Asthma & Allergies

 Since being under the care of Dr. Tara, Brandon now pays attention and can sit still longer at school, has better control of his asthma and doesn’t get his “asthma cough” as often. He doesn't have as many "meltdowns" at school and Brandon’s health is much better overall.  

-Staci (Brandon’s Mom)

“ Since Amelia has started chiropractic care she has not been coughing as much and I have not noticed her allergies bothering her either.   It is good to see Amelia following the same path as [her brother], less medication and more energy and as she said "less itches!!"  There has been improvement in Amelia's energy and sleep.  The difference in my children's overall health since seeing Dr. Tara has been remarkable and we are looking forward to continuing. 

-Tricia (Amelia's Mother)


“ We brought our one year old son in to see Dr. Tara for help with his lack of appetite and constipation. After our son's first chiropractic treatment he almost instantaneously started going to the bathroom. Soon after that his appetite improved he was able to eat more including new foods that he would never eat previously. We have been able to reduce both of his medications (one for constipation and the other to increase his appetite). Also, he has always been afraid to go to doctors and even is afraid to get weighed by his nutritionist; however, he has never been afraid to get adjusted by Dr. Tara!" 


“ Grayson started care when he was one month old.  He was having problems nursing, had a head tilt and was gassy and sometimes constipated.  After a few weeks of care he is latching onto the breast and feeding much better.  He has more regular bowel movements and sleeping better. Grayson just seems more content overall.”

–Christen (Grayson’s mother)


“ Lisa-Mae has been under care since she was just a few weeks old.  She is now 9 weeks old and doing great.  She is very alert and has better flexible and movement in her hips and neck.   She used to be gassy but now she is no longer experiencing gas pains and her digestive system has improved.   Lisa-Mae’s skin is also clearer.  Overall her health is great and I am very happy that I have been having her adjusted!!     

-Amanda (Lisa-Mae's Mom)

“ Klaus has been under chiropractic care for 2 months, and I brought him to Dr. Tara because she specialized in pediatrics and Klaus was having nursing troubles and frequent gas pains.  He had a tongue tie surgery, but still does not latch well, does not open his mouth wide, occasionally his tongue clicks while nursing and he was really gassy.   NOW he is nursing better and has better digestion and gas pains are diminishing.  He also sleeps better and I am happy with the progress he has made!!  

-Vicky (Klaus’ Mom)

“ Since starting Chiropractic care, Vincenzo’s digestive system became more regulated.  He started having regular bowel movements after his second adjustment.  I also noticed he started sleeping much better after his adjustments.  He is not as restless and sleeps for a longer duration.  His behavior also changed in a positive way after adjustments.  He is not as irritable and is much calmer.


Vincenzo’s vibrance shines like never before.  We are now better aware of the importance of nutrition, home remedies, supplements and a positive living environment.  We thank Dr. Tara from the bottom of our hearts for taking exceptional care of Vincenzo.  Dr. Tara cares very much for all of her patient’s health and well being.  She goes over and beyond so that her patients are very knowledgeable of the different ways to improve their health and the health of their family. 

Sommer (Vincenzo's mother)


“ Thank you Dr. Tara!!  You helped us!!  I was skeptical at first, but chiropractic works!!  Matthew hasn't had an ear infection since he started chiropractic care 12 months ago!!  He used to get sick once a month, and it would always turn into an ear infection.  We were used to having only one good  week each month where Matthew wasn't sick.  This winter he has only had a few colds, but they have not lasted more than a few days.  I am thrilled because now he DOESN'T NEED TO HAVE SURGERY TO GET TUBES in his ears!! "  

- Matthew's mother

“ Pierce used to get ear infections very often. Tubes and/or removal of his adenoids is being recommended.  While under chiropractic care he started with an ear infection, but for the first time was able to avoid needing antibiotics!!  The infection cleared naturally with recommendations from Dr. Tara and chiropractic adjustments!  I look forward to seeing more improvements in the future!” 


Flat Head or Head Tilt (see torticollis)

Fussiness / Colic

“ Jenna started chiropractic care at 6 weeks old.  She was very fussy and hard to console.  Now she is less fussy.  Jenna has more head control and head movement from side to side has improved.  Jenna’s overall health has improved."

- Janene

“ Elise started chiropractic care at 8 weeks old.  She was very fussy and didn't  like to sleep for long stretches at night and took very short naps during the day.  Since being under chiropractic care with Dr. Tara, she is much less fussy.  Elise is sleeping longer stretches at night and taking more frequent naps during the day. Elise has a happier demeanor overall.  I’m very happy with Elise’s progress so far and I am excited to continue to witness the benefits of pediatric chiropractic care with Dr. Tara." 

- Jessie


“ We brought Titus to Dr. Tara at 3 months old because she specializes in chiropractic for children and he was having tummy pain and fussiness.  Since bringing him in for adjustments, his fussiness and tummy pain have diminished and he also sleeps better at night.”  


- Ramona


“ I started with Chiropractic care due to frequent headaches and fatigue.  After 6 weeks of care my headaches are gone.  I am not feeling as exhausted and I have more energy throughout the day."   

- Sydney (teenager)

“ For Christina, her asthma seems to be a little better, she’s not getting as many headaches.  Her digestion has improved with no more constipation!!!  Christina’s quality of sleep has improved. “

- Allen (Dad)


Immune System

“ James is 4 years old.  Now that he is under chiropractic care he is sleeping better, his skin is improved, and James's immune system is stronger.  James’s overall health is much improved."    

- Devin (James’ Mom)

“ My daughter’s overall immune system has seemed to improve since getting adjusted regularly.  She has shorter illnesses (colds, etc)  and less frequently. 

- Daniella

Nursing Problems and Tongue Tie

“ I brought Logan to Dr. Tara  because I was having difficulty with him getting enough milk while breastfeeding and he was not gaining much weight.  I had to pump extra milk and bottle feed him so that he got enough milk and continued to gain weight.  With one month of chiropractic care he has been nursing effectively, able to transfer more milk, and is gaining weight.  I no longer need to pump milk to supplement my breastfeeding for Logan which makes me happy!"

-Jeniffer (Logan's mother)

“ Ethan is 9 months old and has been having trouble nursing.  He just had lip and tongue tie release surgery, with little to no improvements in his nursing.  The whole surgery was very traumatic for Ethan and in hindsight I regret even having it done. 


Now with chiropractic care he is able to obtain a deeper latch, which makes his nursing more comfortable for me and is more effective for him.  He is now able to completely empty the breast at each feeding which was not possible for him previously. 


He is also sleeping better.  He used to wake every 2 hours, but now he sleeps in longer stretches and is only waking once a night.


Another thing I noticed was that very soon after his first few adjustments he started crawling!!  He is achieving his physical milestones easier with chiropractic care!"

-Lauren (Ethan's mom)

“ I brought my son to because he was having nursing troubles.  He had a tongue tie surgery, but still does not latch well, does not open his mouth wide, occasionally his tongue clicks while nursing and he was really gassy.   NOW he is nursing better and has better digestion and gas pains are diminishing.  He also sleeps better!!”  


“ Shane began chiropractic care at one month old.  He as having trouble nursing and had a head tilt.  I have noticed improved sucking while nursing and less of a head tilt.  I was surprised how quickly he improved.  His head tilt as changed over just a few visits and his head control is much better. The adjustments are very gentle and effective.  Overall, our experience at Hatboro Family Wellness has been fantastic.  I fell that our needs are addressed and Dr. Tara really listens to symptoms, history and makes a plan of care accordingly."   

-Sara (Shane’s mom)


“ Emily started spitting up very frequently shortly after birth.  We took her to a GI specialist who said she just had a loose esophageal sphincter and until it matured she would spit-up!  I started taking her to get adjusted and almost immediately started to see a huge difference in how much better she held her food down.  Her spitting up gradually lessened until it stopped completely. 


Emily seems to be a happier baby and she is now gaining appropriate weight.  Our quality of life has changed for the better.  Bye, bye bibs!   Now I use one or two bibs a day instead of 10-20 bibs a day!  I have also noticed improvement in Emily's;  Immune system, sleep, digestion and elimination.”  

- Karen (Emily's mother)

Sophia started chiropractic care at 10 weeks old.  She was very fussy and had reflux issues.  Now Sophia’s reflux is gone.  Her burping  and gas has decreased.  She also used to spit up very often.  Her cottage cheese spit-up is gone.   She is sleeping better overnight and taking longer naps during the day.” 


- Valerie (Sophia’s Mom)



Gia's overall immune system has seemed to improve since getting adjusted regularly.  She has shorter illnesses (colds, etc)  and less frequent illnesses.  Scoliosis gone!  No hives or headaches!  Gia has better eating habits  and also a  better appetite and improved sleep.   As a result, growth spurts galore!  


Gia's has improved in the following:  pain, energy and digestion  elimination.  Also she can now walk and run for more extended lengths of time and distance.  Chiropractic should be an essential component of everyone's life (beginning at birth).  We love the warm, friendly environment.  Dr. Tara and her staff are professional, helpful and just all around caring.” 

- Daniella  (Gia's mother)

“ Leo is now 5 months old.  Since starting Chiropractic care he is more "bendy" and flexible.  Like magic after an adjustment he immediately does something new like rolling or lifting himself.  He is rolling both ways now and holding himself up better.  His spinal curve is has lessened.  And because of the belly massages that Dr Tara has shown me, his digestion has improved.  He loves the massages Dr. Tara taught me and they work great!!" 

- Ryann (Leo’s Mom)



“ Since getting adjusted, Adam sleeps better and deeper through the night." 

- Adam Sr. (Adam's father)

“ Ashlee is now one month old.  She has been getting adjusted since she was 3 days old.  She sleeps great, is growing perfectly, and is a happy healthy baby.  I get her adjusted by Dr. Tara so that she stays this way and that her body is working the best it can.”

- Devin (Ashlee's Mom)

 Milana is now 3 months old and she has been getting adjusted since birth.  She always sleeps great after her adjustments.  I am so thankful for Dr. Tara's care of Milana!”  

- Mariya (Milana's Mom)

“ Maggie started care at 10 months old because of poor sleep.  Maggie would only sleep for short stretches of 1 1/2 hours all night long.  (After a thorough history was taken by Dr. Tara We realized that a fall she had at about 4 months old may have contributed to the sleep issues as she was a fairly good sleeper until 4 months old.)  She also was on Zantac for reflux.  


After being under regular chiropractic care Maggie is sleeping is much better.  I was just hoping for 4 hour stretches, but Maggie slowly improved to 3 hour stretches, then 4, and now sleeps through the night!!  Her reflux is also gone and no more Zantac.

- Maggie’s Mom

“ Since Karina (10 yrs old) started care with Dr. Tara, she is less moody… HOORAY!!  She has a better appetite, and better quality of sleep.  Karina is complaining less about her back being sore.  You are wonderful, Dr. Tara!!” 


- Diane (Karina’s mom)

Tongue tie (see nursing problems)


Torticollis / Head Tilt / Flat Head

“ Charlie was born by C-section.  His in-utero position and delivery created stress on his head and spine.  He had trouble turning his head both ways and his head was always tilted  to the left.  We had him checked and adjusted by Dr. Tara when he was 4 weeks old.  Charlie is now 2 months old and  is now turning his head both ways.  Charlie is less fussy, has less gas, and has better digestion. 

-Kristi (Charlie’s Mom)

“ We brought Sydney to Dr. Tara for chiropractic care at 7 months of age to help with her torticollis and plagiocephaly (abnormal head shape).  After 1 month of care she has a better range of motion, a straighter head, and improved head shape." 

- Brook (Sydney’s Mom)

“ I brought Eli to Dr. Tara because I as concerned about his torticollis (head tilt) and severely misshapen head (plagiocephaly).  He had a prolonged birth and vacuum extraction was necessary to get him out and avoid c-section.  After two months of Chiropractic care his head is rounder and much more balanced, his neck control has greatly improved, and he focuses more intently on people and toys!  Thanks to chiropractic, Eli is much happier and seems healthier overall!  He even sleeps better.  I look forward to continuing his care to optimize his health."

- Lisa (Eli's mother)

“ Shane began chiropractic care at one month old.  He as having trouble nursing and had a head tilt.  I have noticed improved sucking while nursing and less of a head tilt.  I was surprised how quickly he improved.  His head tilt as changed over just a few visits and his head control is much better. The adjustments are very gentle and effective.


Overall, our experience at Hatboro Family Wellness has been fantastic.  I fell that our needs are addressed and Dr. Tara really listens to symptoms, history and makes a plan of care accordingly." -

- Sara (Shane’s mom)

“ Calla began chiropractic care because of Torticollis.  We also noticed a lack of eye contact and focus on people and objects.  Now Calla is smiling more and has a better deeper gaze with her eye contact.  She is now able to move her head more freely to both sides, when previously she primarily looked to the left.” 

- Meghan (Calla’s mother)

“ Emma started care to help with her torticollis/head tilt.  Prior to her receiving chiropractic care she was also falling a lot.  After 1 month of care she has a straighter neck, began crawling, has better balance and sleeping better.  Emma's immune system has also improved, and I feel her overall health has improved." 

- Airen (Emma’s Mom)

Pregnancy Testimonials

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Stories

Back feels better and no more allergies

“ I am pregnant and since beginning care with Dr. Tara two months ago I have fewer of back aches and better body alignment.  Right after treatments I feel great.  I have a better response time from my body and I have less fear with movement because I have so much less pain.  I have confidence that it will not hurt.  I still get sinus headaches sometimes, but I have noticed this season I have had no allergies when I’m outdoors.  Even when people are cutting the grass I have no sneezing itchy or watering eyes.  I am very happy with my treatment at Hatboro Family Wellness.  



The Fast, Drug-free Birth I wanted!

“ Getting chiropractic care while pregnant with my third baby, was the best thing I could ever do.  It was one of my ways to take care of me and my baby.  My body had very little time to recover between pregnancies because my third baby was born less than one year after my second child’s birth.  I truly believe it helped me have such a wonderful birth!!  It was not ONLY FAST, easy and beautiful and without drugs but I felt in tune with my body like never before. 


When I get adjusted I feel that my head gets clear.   I feel happy and overall positive change within my whole body.


Chiropractic helped me enjoy both of my pregnancies

“ I have enjoyed chiropractic care with Dr. Tara since 2011 and through both of my pregnancies.  With regular chiropractic care I have more energy, less pain, increased immune strength and a greater sense of well-being.  I sleep better and my sinuses and digestion improves.


I have noticed also that I handle stress better and feel less stressed.  My immune system is better and I experience fewer colds in the winter season.  I love going to my appointments at Hatboro Family Wellness.  It is one of the places I can really relax.


Back pain is common but not normal in pregnancy!  I feel great in my third trimester!!!

“ What you may not know is that before seeing Dr. Tara, I thought back pain was just a "normal" part of pregnancy.  I'm feeling better in my 3rd trimester than I have felt all pregnancy!  I am able to move more freely, without pain in my back.  I didn't know pregnancy could feel so wonderful!  My sinus pressure has even decreased tremendously!  


Breech to head down, quickly!

“ My midwife suggested chiropractic care with Dr. Tara at 37 weeks because my baby was breech and the Webster technique can help. 


After the first adjustment we suspected my baby turned head down, but it was confirmed by my midwife after my second adjustment!  I’m thrilled to now be able to have a natural delivery instead of surgery.



Pregnancy back pain GONE quickly!!

“ My back pain, which brought me in, seems to be in check ever since I started coming.  My injury feels completely healed and coming in weekly seems to be having a positive effect on all my back kinks.  It is easier to function when I am not in pain.  Continuing with regular chiropractic care feels like I am doing something nice to my body and making a choice to care for it and put it first instead of waiting for a problem to occur.  This is a very friendly and intimate office.  I like that I never have to wait a long time. 


Less Stress with Chiropractic

“ I am pregnant with my second child.  Since beginning chiropractic care I have noticed my stress just rolls off my shoulders and work does not overwhelm me as much.  I just let it go. I have noticed improved patience, better outlook on life and more hope!



Less pain, more energy and more control over my life!!

“ I began seeing Dr. Tara when I was pregnant with my second child.  After 3 weeks of care I noticed a reduction of the intensity and frequency of the lower back pain I had been experiencing.  At that time I was also struggling with feelings of hopelessness, depression, and low energy. 


Now I have more energy, am more productive, less hard on myself, and feel I have more control over my life.  Dr. Tara is more than just an amazing chiropractor. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great friend to all her patients. 


No more allergy medication and less pain!!

“ Since beginning chiropractic care I have noticed I have reduced pain while at work, home and walking.  Since I have less pain I accomplish more at work and home. The pain doesn’t interrupt me so I am able to focus better throughout the day.  I have a better outlook and more hope. 


My sinuses have improved, and I have reduced allergy symptoms and sinus pressure.  I have not taken any allergy medication in 2-3 weeks. 

– Shannon

More energy, easier birth with chiropractic care!

“ Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Tara, life is easier in just about every way!!  I am now able to sit, stand and lie down comfortably!  I am not in constant pain; therefore I sleep better & therefore have more energy and overall better feeling of well being.


I am surprised with how much more comfortable I am and my increased energy.  Life is easier in just about every way.  I can do everything I love comfortably now.  I feel good and am happy instead of cranky.  Chiropractic care has been life changing during my pregnancy.  I truly believe it will help me have an easier birth. 


I am just so thankful and grateful to have this Dr. Tara and chiropractic in my life. 


Feel well cared for, better focus and productivity at work.  I'm no longer afraid to move!

“ I am pregnant with my second child. I was having neck pain and lower back pain that was interfering with my productivity and focus at work.  The pain was making it difficult to walk and was waking me at night.  I was also afraid to move suddenly, as that would often set of an acute episode of pain. 


Since being under regular chiropractic care I have noticed that I have better range of motion and no pain.  I can turn my head without pain and I am no longer afraid to move.  I always have a really nice experience at Hatboro Family Wellness, and I definitely feel well taken care of!


More relaxed and increased energy.  No pain in 3rd trimester!

“ I definitely highly recommend chiropractic care during pregnancy. Since beginning chiropractic care with Dr. Tara I have felt more relaxed and have had more energy.  During my 3rd trimester of pregnancy I felt really well and my back did not hurt.  I have better overall health and a more positive outlook on life.  I always feel welcomed and at home when coming.  My questions are always answered.


Easy birth, fewer illnesses, fewer headaches, and less pain!

“ During my pregnancy, chiropractic care completely relieved my sinus pain and reduced my pregnancy pains.  What surprised me was the ease of childbirth.  Every pregnant woman should give it a try.   Stick with your frequent adjustments in the beginning.


I usually suffer from frequent colds, but with post-partum chiropractic care I went 7 months without an illness.   That makes taking care of my children easier.   I feel like I am proactively doing something positive, and this makes me happier.  My posture has greatly improved.   I look taller to everyone because I am straightened out.  With chiropractic care I have noticed less pain, increased energy, less headaches, better movement and flexibility, overall aches and pains, improved hope, better outlook on life.   


I feel so great when I leave and can't wait until my next appointment.  You gain information on all aspects of life for better living by visiting Dr. Tara. 


Third pregnancy, more comfortable, no more rib pain!

“ I am pregnant with my third child.  Chiropractic care has helped me by increasing my flexibility and motion and reducing my pain.  My low back was more comfortable and I experienced an improvement in rib pains.  I am more comfortable as my baby changes position.  I have more movement in my lower spine and I have noticed that this has allowed the baby to drop low in my pelvis in preparation for delivery.


Less pain, better sleep, more energy, getting MORE accomplished…FAST, EASY delivery!

“ I began chiropractic care with Dr. Tara when I was pregnant with my second child.  I have noticed many positive changes, such as less pain, better sleep, better movement, and more energy.  My increased energy has allowed me to spend more quality time with my family and accomplish more housework too!! 


As for my birth experience, it was very fast.  I had more comfortable and easier labor and delivery compared to my first which I attribute to being under regular chiropractic care this time.  Since giving birth am in great spirits, feel great, and have increased energy.


I have had a wonderful experience under Dr. Tara's care which has made my pregnancy and birth experience more enjoyable.


Fewer migraines, healthier spine and better health

“ My health has improved greatly since seeking chiropractic care. . . I experience fewer and less severe episodes [of lower back pain].  When my problems first started I was missing a lot of work and I was unable to do simple tasks like putting on my own socks and shoes.


Seeking chiropractic care has not only improved my back health, but has improved my overall well-being and immune system.  I experience fewer migraine headaches, sinus infections, and most importantly my overall mental health has become more positive.


Give chiropractic care a chance!  I’ve had reservations and I’ve been fearful of being adjusted.  But, Dr. Tara makes her patients feel very comfortable and is clearly dedicated to helping her patients receive relief from pain and improving their overall well-being!


Less pain, baby head down after Webster technique!

“ I am expecting a baby and, I began care with Dr. Tara because my baby was breech.  My baby is no longer breech which means I can have the natural delivery I desire!  I also was suffering from stiffness in my upper back with dizziness and nausea.  After 3 weeks of chiropractic care I have a greater sense of well-being, a better outlook on life and more hope.  My upper back pain, dizziness and nausea are gone!!  I have also noticed a reduction of lower back pain.  One more thing I noticed was an increase of energy. I am not as sluggish at the end of the day."  



Less reflux!!  Birthed my TWINS vaginally with no drugs!!

“ I am pregnant with twins and first came to Dr. Tara with middle back pain and a desire to get my babies head down with the Webster Technique.  Under chiropractic care I have less pain and more energy than expected at this point in my pregnancy (36.4 weeks I am writing this). 


I have also had a significant decrease in my acid reflux.  The reduced pain, reflux, plus the babies turning head down have been awesome improvements.  It’s been great coming here.  It feels like body therapy that I really look forward to!!


In the end, I ended up with the birth I wanted...vaginal, both head down, and NO epidural!   We showed the docs!

I wanted to thank you for everything.  Supporting and getting me through the final tough weeks and helping get that baby to turn. Made all the difference!!  I feel great and the babies are wonderful!  



Breech no longer but...slow, non-progressive labor with a happy ending!!

“ Dr. Buchakjian,

My wife Rena had been seeing you recently during her pregnancy. I’m writing you this letter out of sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for my family. Not only did your treatments help her, but you showed amazing care and compassion with her.


We first came to you because our daughter was in breech position and within a few treatments, you achieved success (baby head down). We were then tossed another curve ball with slow moving, painfully long contractions and felt helpless because we were far from the point where a hospital would admit us for labor.


I was shocked when my wife told me that you were returning from a vacation in Florida that night at 10:00 and you could see her then. We were amazed at the generosity and desperate to try and get birthing process started. You went way above and beyond for us, really just to help one of your patients in a tough spot. If you told us that the next morning was the earliest you could see us, we would have completely understood. Instead, you suggested that we come in that night, after you put your kids to sleep.


On our way to your office, Rena’s contractions were about 15 to 20 minutes apart. Within minutes of leaving your office, Rena’s contractions were about 3 to 5 minutes apart and we knew it was time. Your personal care and skilled touch came through in the clutch and made you a permanent part of our daughter’s birth story (I’ve already told it about 100 times!). Your dedication to your patients is simply remarkable. We will always remember your kindness and sincerely thank you for making that day a special one. 



Less pain and stress

“ I am pregnant with my third child. I started care because I was having back pain during my pregnancy.  I had to take frequent breaks or end activities early because of the pain.  Everything from household duties to exercise was suffering because of how I was feeling. 


Since beginning chiropractic care my back pain has been improving.  I have starting learning that my stress is manifesting in my body as pain.  Since discovering this, I have also been taking a more active role in discovering different ways to deal with my stress.



Less hip and knee pain... energy when I used to be crashing!

“ I am pregnant with my second child.  I have noticed many changes since beginning chiropractic care.  I have less pain in my hips and knees, better movement, and more energy.  In the afternoons now I have the energy and stamina to work around the house, when this used to be the time of day I crashed!!


Less nausea , better sleep, fewer headaches, more energy in the evening!

“ I am pregnant with my second child.  Since beginning chiropractic care I have noticed less back pain, fewer headaches, less nausea and improved quality of sleep.  I used to feel like I had to go to bed when my 2 year old went to bed.  Now I am able to stay up with my husband or read a book because I have more energy!!    


Easy pregnancy because of chiropractic care prior to getting pregnant

“ I started Chiropractic care after a car accident.  Now I am pregnant with my first child.  I have continued with my weekly adjustments throughout my pregnancy.    I feel very confident about my prenatal care plan.  The end of my pregnancy has been fairly easy.  

- Jessica


TWINS, less medication use, better immune system!!

“ I am pregnant with TWINS.  I have noticed I have improved patience with decreased stress, and I am not as tired.  I have less pain and I am feeling better overall.  I use fewer over-the-counter drugs.  I have not gotten sick this winter since getting regular chiropractic care. 



Migraines completely STOPPED!!

“ I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came to Dr Tara’s office.  I was hoping that I could help prevent lower back discomfort while pregnant.  My experience turned out better than I imagined it would.  The best benefit which was totally unexpected was that my migraines completely stopped and I haven’t had one in almost ONE year. 


I am also sure that chiropractic care helped me minimize any pregnancy discomfort.  I always enjoyed coming into the office and talking with Dr. Tara and her staff.  We always had good discussions sometimes about questions I had and sometimes just about our experiences. 


Once my daughter was born, Dr. Tara helped her correct a head tilt.  She gave my exercises to work with her at home that also helped. 


I truly have come to appreciate Dr. Tara and the benefits of chiropractic.  I am saddened that we will have to leave Dr. Tara’s Care (because we are moving to Colorado).  I highly recommend her to anyone interested in Chiropractic care and the staff is wonderful (especially with kids).



Stayed active thanks to chiropractic

“ With the help of chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy, I was able to continue my active lifestyle and was very comfortable for my entire pregnancy.  I have had such happy pregnancy.  Each time I get adjusted I have the feeling I am lighter and have less tension.  



Less fear related to birth

“ Talking with Dr Tara about my labor and delivery has lessened my anxiety and given me more confidence that I’ll be able to manage the pain [of my birth] on my own!  I’m looking forward to birth rather than fearing it!!


Baby no longer breech and feeling fantastic

“ ​I am pregnant with my first child.  My baby was breech and now he is in position to make an exit!  I am feeling fantastic.  I am much more comfortable and move better.  I am sleeping much better.  I have extra energy for nesting.  I have less stress and a greater sense of well being.

- Kristin

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