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What self care is not!!

I want to discuss self-care!

When you hear the words self-care, what do you think of??? Getting your nails done, new hair cut and color, a yoga class, or a massage?

I think there's a misconception to what true self-care really is. I want women to view self-care as be something that de-stresses and centers you. Also., this is something that is a practice and we need everyday, not just once in a while.

For me self-care is journaling in the morning before anyone is awake, meditation, prayer, mindfulness practice, reading what I love, naps, and white space (time that I purposely do "nothing").

Self-care doesn't need to be costly, and what's right for you may not be what's right for me. The point is, find things that replenish your soul and practice them on a regular basis so that you can be the best you!

What calms you, grounds you, and reduces your stress? Do more of these things so that you can show up as the best YOU for your family.

Take time for your self-care everyday! You need to fill your cup before you have enough to give to others.

Love yourself enough to do it!

Dr. Tara

PS: Please comment and let me know what's in your self-care routine. I'd love to hear!

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