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Are you ready for children?

Because of the perfectionist in me, if I waited until I was "ready" to have children, then never I would've had any!! I don't think I'd have ever been ready, truly ready, in the sense of totally prepared and knowledgeable, to have children. But at the same time, I always knew I wanted them.

I still remember sometime in 2007 saying to myself "I'm definitely not ready to be a mother, because I don't know enough yet." And if you're familiar with the law of attraction, you understand why very soon after that thinking, we conceived our first child.

I still remember about 13 years ago saying to myself "I'm definitely not ready to be a mother, because I don't know enough yet."

Motherhood is like an unchoreographed dance that you make up as you go along. There are many things I said... that I wish I didn't. Things I'd done...that I wish I didn't and many examples of times that I did't feel like a good mother. But regret only holds us in the past.

Don't let your past mistakes define your future. Forgive yourself and move on. Instead learn from those mistakes and move forward making the best decision you possibly can with the knowledge you have at the time.

I find myself constantly saying this to the mothers that come into my office. They come in skeptical, yet hopeful that chiropractic care can help their child. They're often regretful of past decisions and even that they didn't know that chiropractic care was a treatment that could help their suffering. They emotionally "beat themselves up" about the past! About not knowing that something existed. Think about it. You can't know what you don't know.

Never regret anything that has happened in your life. It cannot be changed, undone or completely forgotten. So take it as a lesson learned and move on.

Throughout life we are constantly learning. As we learn something new, we do things differently with our new knowledge. WE CAN'T MOVE FORWARD IF WE LIVE IN REGRET!!!

So mama, I tell you this today so hopefully you can move past any feelings of regret in your life, but especially as a mother, because YOU'R AMAZING!! TRULY AMAZING!! There is no doubt that you love your children, fully and completely. And believe it or not, children judge you by the love in your heart, not the mistakes you've made.

You know your kids better than anyone ever could! You do what's best for them to the best of your ability, and that's good enough!

So here's to celebrating motherhood! I may not have known as much as I wanted to prior to becoming a mother, but sometimes the best way to learn is through experience! I'm glad the universe misunderstood me, or I wouldn't be who I am today. I hope you feel the same!


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